Florida State Senate 5th District includes: Baker, Bradford, Clay, Columbia, Dixie, Gilchrist, Lafayette, Levy, Suwannee, Union, and part of Marion counties


Discussion on Political Intersectionality; Washington, D.C. (October 2019)

Why I'm Running

I am running for your State Senator because I believe now, more than ever, the "Government, of, by, and for the people" is a lost concept to many in our state legislature.  We need to elect those individuals willing to bring people together and work together in the best interest of those we represent.  It seems more times than not, we observe the overwhelming and unmistakable will of the people - overturned by the will of the legislature.  We also see too much government interference and control.  Votes by legislators have become less representative to constituents and more representative of party affiliation.  True representative democracy rests in the citizens.  I believe it is our responsibility to elect individuals from our community who will represent us, stand up for us, and advocate our concerns - not simply pass the torch - even if those concerns are not popular within the walls of the capitol.

Throughout my life I have always answered the call to public service - and now is no different.  I have served in the United States Air Force; I have served my communities by volunteering in community events; I have been twice elected to my community's Owner Association, representing over 600 families.  I have always made my best attempt to be a positive steward of the communities I've lived in.

I want to see everyone achieve their own American Dream, on their own terms, much like I did.  Nearly twenty years ago, I was homeless and lived in my car for a short period of time.  I had no money, no education, no job or career, no food, and I refused to ask for help.  Things were hard.  Although it still took years for me to know what I wanted to do with my life, I certainly knew what I didn't want.  Having come from that hard place almost twenty years ago, I understand how things sometimes don't go our way and I believe the best way to achieve what we want out of life, our goals, dreams, and desires is with less government interference, and more personal liberty!

However, this is something I cannot do alone, I need your help!  Take a look around to see where I stand on issues, learn how you can help, donate to the campaign, and learn more about me.

Your friend in liberty!


Where I stand on issues

I believe what makes us best is the ability to listen to the dreams and concerns of our neighbors, friends, and family.  Positions, policy, and legislation should be crafted that is truly representative of the people.  We cannot allow ourselves to be indebted or obligated to to make decisions that better serve big party politics or special interest groups.  I wholeheartedly believe in our Declaration of Independence and that the just powers of the government are derived from the consent of the governed.

While there are many issues I want to tackle as your State Senator, I've noted some of my top issues below.  We are just getting started, and I want to hear from you!  Fundamentally, I believe our government interferes too much, takes too much, and spends too much. Help us to take this message to Tallahassee where I will fight to keep the government out of your business, out of your pocket, and bring back our personal and social liberties!

Take a look at our Issues page to learn more about my positions.  I am happy to hear your thoughts on some of these issues and want to know how we can make Florida a better place for everyone - together!

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I support the deregulation of certain business licensing requirements and terminate the need for unnecessary burden of business licensing, taxes, and fees


I believe in the 2nd Amendment as well as responsible, accountable gun ownership, and universal background checks.  I do not support "red flag" gun laws that trample on our Bill of Rights, the 2nd Amendment, and due process.


I believe we should end the "war on marijuana" and enact statewide decriminalization for possession of marijuana and license establishments to manufacture and sell marijuana.


Any military service-member with honorable service should receive $5,000 exemption; retired military with honorable service homestead exemption increased to $10,000


We need to improve health access and affordability; prevention and treatment; and expand Medicaid


I believe ALL people should all be treated fair and equal under the law.  I support ending LGBT inequality in Florida and the Florida Competitive Workforce Act.


I support full and total repeal of any and all sales taxes on commercial leases as well as an increase in standard homestead exemptions