Thank you to those who endorse this campaign and my candidacy!


Michael Cassidy, Supervisor Seat 5, Clay County Soil and Water Conservation District & Chairman of the Libertarian Party of Clay County

With our current elected officials consistently letting us down and voting in new legislation based on knee-jerk reactions and financial influence, I have been seeking a candidate I can fully support and feel that my voice will be heard. As the Chairman of the Libertarian Board of Clay County, I endorse Matt McCary for State Senate, 5th District. Mr. McCary's platform and plan for current gun legislation, state healthcare and welfare reform, and education line up specifically with my political and community voice. Thank you, Mr. McCary, I look forward to working with you to make a better Florida.


J. Mark Barfield, Owner Bar None Creative Solutions, LLC

As a business owner working a one-man shop I know the burden of Florida's business tax structure. I must pay more than $300 in state, county and city taxes and fees each year just to stay in business - regardless of how profitable my business is. It is time we had a Senator in Tallahassee that truly understands how taxation throttles business. With Libertarian Matt McCary in Tallahassee, we will.

Matt & Nathan (Owner, Nate's Tonsorial & Barber)

Nathan Palmer, Owner

Nathan's Tonsorial Parlor, Orange Park

As an independent business owner, I support McCary for Senate because he supports issues important to me and other business owners. Such as the deregulation of professions and occupations and the repeal of certain taxes in the current Florida business tax structure, such as sales tax on commercial property leases.

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